About the Site

Launched 22-02-22

neellik.com is running on WordPress and was originally running on the Author Pro WordPress Theme. During the past year with this theme, I’ve found a few annoying bugs that has sadly driven me away from it, it was such a nice theme! I’m now running on the Astra Pro theme which packs a punch, a lot more features, very lightweight and very speedy. This theme allows me to have much more control over the desktop/mobile views. I’ll also be able to expand the site going forward quite easily.

My hosting is now provided by SiteGround (Affiliate link). At the beginning of January I switched from Hostinger over the SiteGround, again this was due to a few annoying things I found over the year such as the site just completely lagging. SiteGround so far has been very stable.

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From time to time I use stock images from freepik.com. (Logo templates vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com)

All screenshots throughout the tutoroials have been taken by me using my own Synology NAS.

Docker run commands and compose commands can be found via the GitHub page for each app. I alter these to suit my needs, neellik.com displays the modified versions. I will always supply the link to the Github/Website pages on each post if there is one.

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