How to backup your Bitcoin and Ethereum seed phrase safely

Last updated on April 9th, 2022 at 06:41 pm

In this guide I’m going to show you how I personally back up my seed phrases. I use this method as it’s easier for me to maintain all the seed phrases I have. This method will also make it easier for my wife to access my wallets if anything were to happen to me.

This method allows me to store my seed phrase around my house, in my wallet or in a password protected zip file in the cloud, without much fear of someone easily gaining access to my coins.

Important: This is my method, you and others may disagree with my method, if you do please don’t use this guide. I feel safe using this method therefore it’s what I do.

Step 1

Safely write down your correct seed phrase onto paper. Write it in a column, going from top to bottom. Ensure your web camera is off and no one is around you. For this tutorial I will use this 24 word example seed phrase:

(1) bamboo (2) blade (3) atlas (4) upload (5) wasp
(6) sassy (7) acid (8) zebra (9) wagon (10) usher 
(11) mouse (12) cloth (13) faith (14) skiese (15) second (16) robe (17) clean (18) sled (19) atom (20) blimp
(21) yard (22) taco (23) sugar (24) wound

Step 2

In this step you can be as creative as you like, for me I will make this very simple. I’m going to choose a 5 digit code. For this tutorial, I’ll use 13679 (low to high)

Step 3

Download the wordlist or find one online to use.

We now need to pick 5 words from the list to pair with our 5 digit code. Either pick some at complete random, or use the dice method. You can visit the following link for more information on the dice method – My 5 words are below:

(1) popcorn (3) plank (6) ajar (7) eskimo (9) faded 

Step 4

Now what I do is fit those words from Step 3 into my seed phrase. On you paper with your seed phrase, write down numbers 1-24 to start with, from top to bottom. Now fill in the the numbers from your code words (See below, 2).

Now fill in the blanks with your actual seed phrase (See Below, 3). If you have a 24 word seed phrase, your new seed phrase is now 29 words.

Seed Phrase (1)
(1) bamboo
(2) blade
(3) atlas
(4) upload
(5) wasp
(6) sassy
(7) acid
(8) zebra
(9) wagon
(10) usher
(11) mouse
(12) cloth
(13) faith
(14) skiese
(15) second
(16) robe
(17) clean
(18) sled
(19) atom
(20) blimp
(21) yard
(22) taco
(23) sugar
(24) wound

Words to add (2)

New Private Seed (3)


Step 5

Print the new seed phrase, or make it fancy like I have below. Now when you need to retrieve your seed phrase, simply remove the words associated with your 5 digit code. So from the seed phrase, I would remove the words with numbers 13679 and this will leave me with my original seed phrase.

Remember to use this method with caution, this works for me and may not for you. I’d recommend that you make the pin long and something that you can remember. Don’t use numbers that can be linked to you, such as numbers on your email address or username. Be creative with this as this will be protecting your Crypto!

From my examples above, I used Canva Business Card creater to design these cards. The numbers at the bottom right are to remind me of how long the seed is.

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